Vuforia 6 - Now Available!

The Vuforia™ team is proud to announce the latest advancement in our augmented reality platform, Vuforia 6. Vuforia has become the world’s leading AR platform, attracting more than 250,000 developers and creating the largest AR ecosystem in the process. With the latest advancements the best is now even better. Here is an overview of the new features.


VuMark is a customizable visual code that can be affixed to any product or machine – either manually using a decal, or automatically printed during the manufacturing process.  It is intended to visually indicate to a user that an AR experience is available, such as step-by-step instructions for assembly, use, cleaning, repair, inspection, etc.

Unlike other types of codes, it was designed with designers in mind. The VuMark Designer allows Adobe® Illustrator® users to create VuMarks from existing graphics and brand assets such as logos.  This allows them to create VuMarks that are visually appealing, while capable of encoding any kind of data, such as a serial number or URL.

VuMark Examples

Universal Windows Platform & HoloLens

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) extends the reach of your Vuforia applications to the enterprise. With this addition, your Vuforia Unity app can run seamlessly across iOS, Android, and UWP, and it is the first time Vuforia supports x86 and Intel-based devices. This opens up access to a larger market and a new generation of Windows 10 devices, including Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and upcoming Windows 10 tablets.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and HoloLens

Vuforia introduces an important capability to HoloLens – the ability to attach experiences to specific things in the environment. When combined with HoloLens native capabilities, AR experiences can be expanded and transported to actual size in any environment to provide a virtual showroom. When combined with VuMarks, this capability can be used for guided step-by-step instructions for products or machinery. These experiences have the potential to reduce or even eliminate dependence on cumbersome manuals used by technicians.

With Microsoft’s latest Development Edition, Vuforia will open HoloLens support through the Early Access Program to all interested developers, no application required. Native HoloLens support will be integrated in the public SDK soon. Check out the available sample application to get started.

Watch the on-stage demo or the in-field example to see how much is possible with Vuforia on HoloLens.

Cloud Recognition Web API

The Vuforia Cloud Recognition Service is a scalable solution that hosts and manages image targets. It is a way for developers to unlock experiences connected to a large target database in the cloud. The new Cloud Recognition Web API enables you to add image recognition to any connected application or web page. It’s a simple REST API that allows you to submit an image and returns back a list of matching results, from anything like a book cover to a wine label. This enables a scalable and fast recognition, anywhere in the world, on any connected device.

Additional New Features

Android Camera Access - Vuforia Android SDK

The Advanced Camera API enables developers to extend their existing computer vision algorithms with those offered by the Vuforia SDK. This feature provides developers with access to the camera while Vuforia is running on an Android device to support even more robust tracking. The API allows developers to adjust camera parameters, such as white balance, in order to better use Vuforia in non-standard environmental conditions.

High Resolution Camera View - Vuforia iOS SDK

Your iOS apps can now benefit from a smoother, more detailed AR experience on iOS devices. Vuforia SDK now supports 1080p high resolution at smooth, 60 FPS framerate camera stream on iPhone 6s, iPad Pro or later.

Windows 64-bit Unity Editor - Vuforia Unity Extension

You can now develop with Vuforia on your Windows machine using the 64-bit version of the Unity Editor.

Start Developing with Vuforia 6

To take advantage of Vuforia 6, simply follow the steps below to develop apps with the world’s most powerful AR platform.

  1. Register on
  2. Download Vuforia SDK 6
  3. Select pricing plan

Once you’re set up, we have developer forums and a comprehensive library to help get you started.

If you’re already developing on Vuforia, check out our new pricing page and post to explain the improvements.

Adam Kerin
Product Marketing Director
Adam was a computer engineer in a former life, but he now loves to market cutting-edge technologies.