New Pricing Page

We’ve released a new pricing page to make it easier for you to determine which Vuforia plan is right for your app. Quick refresher – Vuforia is licensed on a per app basis, meaning that every app needs to have its own plan. The type of plans available depend on the type of app you are building. Certain apps, such as enterprise apps, product companions and development tools require you to request a license directly from the Vuforia sales team. Read on to learn more.

Select Your Project Type

To get started, select a project type, which is determined by your app’s target audience, followed by a type of use. For example, if you are building an app for consumers, there are different licensing options for a Shopping app (e.g. Mango) versus a Toy app (e.g. Lego Nexo Knights).

Project categories


Get access to the full power of the platform while you’re building your app. Just be sure to purchase the appropriate consumer or enterprise plan before you distribute it.  

Consumer Apps

If you’re building a marketing or shopping app for consumers, you can buy a Classic plan for $499 with your credit card. Classic plans now include the ability to generate up to 100 VuMarks.

We’ve simplified down to a single Cloud plan that includes the same terms of the previous Bronze Cloud plan - $99 per month for 10,000 cloud recos per month and 100,000 cloud images. More cloud usage is available via a Pro plan.

A Pro plan is available for consumer apps that need to target Windows 10 devices, have high Cloud or VuMark usage, or that need access to our new APIs for VuMark Generation and Android camera access. You can order a Pro plan by contacting us.

Comparison of consumer deployment licensing tiers

Enterprise Apps

If you’re building an app for enterprise use, meaning employees will use it for work, you can purchase a plan by contacting us. Enterprise use could be a simple sales tool, a step-by-step instructional aide, or an end to end content authoring tool.

Welcome to Vuforia 6

Now that the licensing terms are easier to understand, check out the improved pricing page and get started with Vuforia 6 today.

For more information on licensing, read the FAQ.

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