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Enhancing Sales and Marketing with
Augmented Reality

Fujitsu Uses Augmented Reality to Deliver Impactful
Customer Experiences.

“With Vuforia Studio we can provide customers with [virtual] products that have yet to be manufactured without having to send a unit to location but still have to-scale examples that you can walk around and see the information.”

– Sandra Humphreys,

Fujitsu is a global communication and information technology company offering a full range of products, solutions and services.

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company. Approximately 155,000 Fujitsu employees support customers in more than 100 countries. Fujitsu America, Inc. enables clients to meet their business objectives through integrated offerings and solutions, including consulting, systems integration, managed services, outsourcing and cloud services for infrastructure, platforms and applications; data center and field services; and server, storage, software, and mobile/tablet technologies.



Fujitsu manufactures and sells scalable computing solutions for business and mission-critical applications. The company takes a business-centric approach to customer satisfaction and offer servers to power any workload and meet the changing business requirements of customers and prospects. Fujitsu understands that there can be no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to data centers, offering one of the broadest portfolios of servers on the market.

Servers are installed in customer environments in two-feet by seven-feet racks. A typical IT data center deployment involves multiple racks containing a variety of servers and configurations. To show a customer what these racks will look like in their own environment, at scale, can present difficult challenges and become resource-intensive for Fujitsu. However, for customers to have confidence in their purchase, they typically require visual proof that the products will actually fit and function efficiently in the defined space. To accomplish this, the units must be shipped to the customer’s location and could potentially be returned or require subsequent shipments and on-site visits to make any modifications required to gain the customer’s approval.

Fujitsu needed a solution that would allow it to reduce the time and cost involved in these sales cycles while preserving the overall customer experience.


After watching a demonstration of Vuforia Studio at the PTC’ 2016 LiveWorx Technology Conference, Fujitsu determined that Augmented Reality (AR) technology was the solution it needed to enhance sales efforts and increase customer satisfaction. However they were not certain they had the skills or the AR expertise such a solution would require. For this reason, Fujitsu decided to join the Vuforia Studio Free Trial Program.

In a short time, Fujitsu created several AR experiences to support sales and marketing use cases and was convinced that aside from the “ooh and ahh” factor, AR had the potential to provide real business value. Using Vuforia Studio, Fujitsu created a virtual product demonstration to enhance its sales strategies. This interactive 3D experience was designed to help customers more quickly gain a firm understanding of products, including features, functions, and available configurations options. The drag-and-drop, code-free user interface of Vuforia Studio made it simple for Fujitsu to create game-changing AR experiences without the need to write complex code. The ability to reuse existing 3D models enabled faster content creation and also allowed the company to realize additional value from its CAD investments.

The Fujitsu sales team can easily access and view virtual product experiences created in Vuforia Studio using Vuforia View. A single, universal viewer application, Vuforia View provides rich 3D experiences via smart phones, tablets, and wearable devices, enabling deployment of the solution across the enterprise with minimal effort. Vuforia View is free to download from the Microsoft App Store, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.


Using Vuforia Studio, Fujitsu created highly-immerse AR experiences for its sales team to virtually demonstrate how products would look and function in a customer’s environment, in real time and at scale. Customers experience graphic, lifesized product demonstrations in which they interact with products virtually to gain a more in-depth understanding of product features and benefits. As a result, Fujitsu no longer needs to ship physical products to customer sites for demonstrations, saving significant time and resources.

The sales team is also able to demonstrate configuration options, features and capabilities on-the-fly for products yet to be manufactured, speeding the customer approval process and shortening order fulfillment times. Equipped with only an iPad, HoloLens, smart phone, or tablet, the sales person can demonstrate every product detail, feature, and function, down to cabling installation and identifying locations power sources would be needed.

Augmented reality helps to shorten sales cycles by empowering customers to be more engaged and make more confident purchasing decisions. Vuforia Studio enables Fujitsu to deliver unique AR experiences to its customers and provide unlimited potential for its sales organization.

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