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AR Experience for Better Sales

Visionaries 777 worked with Infiniti to build their QX50 AR experience. See how this application encouraged potential car buyers to digitally tour the vehicle with a tablet, discovering the inner workings of the QX50. The 3D visualization and engagement were key to creating a “wow” factor for customers.

These cutting edge AR tools have tremendously increased the engagement with our brand and this not only in our key markets the US & China. With Visionaries 777 as INFINITI’s strong partner, we have boosted innovation deployment of these technologies at dealer showrooms and motor shows around the globe. Our teams are thus better prepared when showcasing the constantly evolving world first technologies inside our vehicles.

– Ralf Schlosser
Manager for Global Auto shows


INFINITI unveiled the all-new QX50 – a premium mid-size SUV with brand new technologies, stand-out design and unrivalled interior space. The QX50 embodies everything the brand stands for: beautiful design, advanced technology and empowering performance, making it the most redefining vehicle INFINITI within its portfolio today.

The installation was so well received at the show that INFINITI decided to deploy it on a global scale within their showrooms and dealerships worldwide. This, however, posed a new set of challenges, as the original installation format would be far too complex and would require too much floor space to be deployed around the world. To address this, Visionaries 777 modularized the program’s software so that the same AR experience could be redeployed and run using tablets instead. Making it both scalable and user-friendly it would be adopted locally by INFINITI staff the world over.

After testing a range of potential object tracking solutions for use on mobile, the newly released Vuforia Model Target tracking, Vuforia SDK, was chosen for this specific project after proving to be the most stable and robust solution, this in combination with Vuforia’s team support, ensured Visionaries 777 AR experience would deliver accurate tracking of the all new QX50 from every angle, time and time again.

QX50 through an iPad

Vuforia’s SDK enables this to be done in different lighting conditions and a variety of environments. It is also very responsive when car color changes, a crucial, yet pratical point for the experience to be usable on a wide scale as showroom models vary in color from one dealer to another.

The project was developed on the Unity platform which in turn facilitated easy migration to mobile including Vuforia’s Model Target tracking. This was the only module replacing the previous tracking used for the sliding screen experience.


To make the QX50 AR experience a reality, INFINITI entrusted Visionaries 777 with the highly confidential 3D data of the vehicle prior to the car’s release. This however provided a new challenge as there was no physical car available to test the software with the tablet at the time of development.

As the AR experience had to be developed ahead of the model’s launch, Visionaries 777 commissioned a model maker to produce a 1:10 replica of the car to ensure that tracking using Vuforia’s SDK worked seamlessly on the AR application.

Just prior to the launch, Visionaries 777 tested the AR application on a full scale QX50 at INFINITI’s headquarters in Hong Kong, before its official unveiling it at the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao International Automobile Show.

Vuforia’s Model Target Tracking exceeded the expectations of INFINITI’s Manager for Global Auto shows.

Ralf Schlosser; “This is a truly immersive and futuristic experience. It is the perfect technology to visually enhance all the features hidden inside the all new QX50. We are very excited to see what other technology developments in AR we can deliver with a partner as Visionaries 777.

iPad display showing QX50's structure

The performance of the QX50 X-Ray: AR Experience App was proven as it remained stable despite the vast amount of lighting and reflections from every angle on the surface of the vehicle. The software operation was smooth and was unaffected by the environment. The AR experience blended perfectly worked seamlessly with the vehicle and created an illusion melding together digital/physical worlds.

“Vuforia’s model target unleashes a world of creative possibilities, this in-turn enables our vision of bringing physical products to life.”

Frantz Lasorne
Co-Founder of Visionaries 777 Ltd.


The QX50 AR experience encouraged potential buyers to physically tour and walk around the car with the tablet making the discovery of the vehicle and its inner workings both engaging and interactive. The visualization was key to creating a “wow” factor for attendees. One of the show’s visitors, Ms. Jane Wang stated, “This is very cool! I am very interested in visualizing the chassis of the car, it’s like having x-ray vision”.

During the experience, the customers could experience the new VC-Turbo Engine under the hood, the car’s steel frame, the interior spinal seats, the smart packaging and the cargo space – all without the heavy lifting of taking the car apart.

Visionaries 777 app for the QX50


This breakthrough Augmented Reality solution created by Visionaries 777 optimizes car experiences at both dealerships / auto-shows in a cost efficient way. By demonstrating complex features of a car by superimposing them digitally and virtually. Traditionally, INFINITI would spend large amounts of budget stripping and dissecting a car from the inside out. Or in some cases, creating displays where the cars are cut in half for customers and the media to better understand the technologies found inside the vehicle. With this revolutionary software, this costly practice of physical vehicular dissection and display transport is a thing of the past.

The QX50 AR experience developed by Visionaries 777 using Vuforia’s Model Target Tracking is gradually being deployed at all INFINITI dealer showrooms around the globe, empowering sales teams and training teams with a cutting edge sales tool that enables an immersive and comprehensive experience of the QX50 for potential buyers and employees.

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