Vuforia 6.1 with HoloLens Support

The future has arrived. The excitement around Vuforia-powered apps on Microsoft HoloLens has continued to build since we announced support back in March. In August, we opened the Early Access Program beta to the public. Finally today the power of Vuforia on HoloLens is now included in the latest release Vuforia 6.1. This means that for the first time, developers can publish and share their Vuforia powered HoloLens creations with the world.

Vuforia & HoloLens: A Powerful Combination

While HoloLens is already capable of augmented reality experiences out-of-the-box, Vuforia’s ability to recognize and track images, objects, and environments make these experiences even more engaging. Vuforia introduces the new ability to automatically and accurately attach experiences to specific things in the environment. This increased placement accuracy is essential for use cases that require exact alignment with reality. For example, if a service technician needs to know which widget to replace in a congested compartment, the added accuracy of Vuforia helps highlight the right one. Vuforia can place objects in the environment automatically as well. Rather than an air-tap gesture to place something in digital space, the Vuforia Engine can place it automatically to the real-world with its robust computer vision and recognition capabilities.  

Customer Examples

Vuforia developers like Boeing have already created compelling uses for the enterprise. These enterprise apps include everything from step-by-step maintenance instructions to engineering design reviews. These apps depend on Vuforia for precision placement in the real-world.

AR apps on HoloLens are being used for “comparing a 3D product model to its physical counterpart, planning and training for future work, step-by-step maintenance instructions, and highlighting potential safety concerns in a space.” In the digital age, this also holds true for the ancient art of shipbuilding. Take a look at the video below for how Newport News Shipbuilding uses Vuforia and HoloLens for tomorrow’s aircraft carriers and submarines. 

There are many more compelling apps and use cases from our Early Access developers. Here are some more developer testimonials on the power of Vuforia and HoloLens. 

Vuforia 6.1 Available Now

To get started, download Vuforia 6.1 and sign-up for a Pro or Enterprise license for HoloLens support. If you don’t already have a device, the HoloLens Development Edition is now readily available. Starting later this month, HoloLens will ship to a wider audience including Australia, New Zealand and select countries in Europe.

For the Vuforia HoloLens developers who started with the Early Access Program, apps built on that trail version will stop working at the end of this year. Moving over to Vuforia 6.1 also allows for public deployment of apps. You can use your same license key for your app with the public Vuforia 6.1 release. 

Adam Kerin
Product Marketing Director
Adam was a computer engineer in a former life, but he now loves to market cutting-edge technologies.