The retail, consumer goods, toy, and entertainment industries are faced with multiple market pressures. In a world that’s undergoing a digital transformation, companies must find new ways to capture customer attention and deliver information in a compelling way. Innovative product design, immersive marketing and sales campaigns, and the delivery of in-context experiences are powerful tools for driving revenue.

Vuforia augmented reality solutions from PTC enable organizations to create powerful interactive content and improve the customer buying journey. Converging digital, physical, and human worlds can help companies create more compelling marketing materials, enable consumers to virtually engage with products in 3D before buying, or enhance physical products with interactive games and complementary apps. Spark the imagination of your customers and drive robust business results with Vuforia AR solutions.

Wine bottle wrapped in tissue

Vivino Increases Brand Engagement and Customer Satisfaction

Vivino utilizes Vuforia Engine to create an application that helps consumers choose the right wine just by using their phone. They simply need to take a photo of any wine label with their mobile device and the app instantly identify the wine while providing reviews and ratings. Vivino has become the world’s largest wine community with 20 million users around the globe, and Vuforia has helped them reliably choose their next wine.

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"Trusted by 31 million users to find and remember great wine".

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Augmented Reality is Changing Marketing & Sales

Senior analysts at Ventana Research have investigated augmented reality as a game-changer for marketing and selling use cases. Get your copy to learn why innovation with AR can improve your sales processes and engage customers.

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Boy playing with Legos

Lego Merges Toys and AR For Better Engagement and Sales

See how Lego created the #1 application for kids in the US, Denmark, and Germany with Vuforia Engine. Lego Nexo Knights merged physical toys with digital, augmented reality experiences to engage children in their brand and television show.

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