Vuforia is the leading AR platform. Here’s why.

Unparalleled Reliability

Vuforia delivers best-in-class computer vision, ensuring robust and reliable experiences in a variety of environments.

Creative Empowerment

Vuforia offers developers the creative freedom to build unique experiences that reflect brands and drive business results.

Maximum Reach

Vuforia supports leading phones, tablets and digital eyewear across Android, iOS and UWP.

Advanced Vision

Vuforia can recognize a range of everyday images, objects and environments.

The World’s Most Widely Deployed AR Platform

Vuforia is supported by a global ecosystem of 525,000+ registered developers and has powered 60,000+ apps with more than 625+ million app installs worldwide.

A more powerful way to engage

Leading global brands use the Vuforia mobile vision platform to deliver unique, entertaining and interactive mobile experiences that transform the way users see and use brand apps.

What developers are saying

24/7 Support

The Ask Mercedes app increases the relevancy and speed of learning about the vehicle’s features. It also allows the Ask Mercedes team to understand which features are most important to learn to use for the drivers and follow through with improved instructions.

Value in Visualization

“ViewAR depends on the Vuforia engine to guarantee reliable applications where users can interact with, move around, and view objects at the right scale,” said Markus Meixner, CTO and founder of ViewAR.

The Mixed Reality Agency™

“With Vuforia, we can build an app that takes advantage of the latest AR technology to run seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices: getting our AR experiences into more hands, faster.” said Jason Yim, CEO and Executive Creative Director of Trigger.

Need a developer?

We’re happy to recommend one of our trusted and preferred Vuforia developers. We’ll start by matching you up with a developer based on your location and development needs, and then they’ll work with you to ensure your concepts are brought to life when you need them.